Teaching Staff

Miss Michelle

Director Miss Michelle aka (Miss Green)

She graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science, and served eight years in the United States Air Force. Currently, she is completing her Masters Degree in School Leadership. A proven leader in early childhood education with over nine years of management, partnership relations, strategic planning, training, technical assistance and program administration experience. Strong emphasis on oversight, planning and direction of a comprehensive agenda of expansive child care quality improvement projects. Exemplary record of addressing challenging situations and enhancing client relationships to develop enduring contractual relationships that exceed expectations.

She created Kidz Go Eco in 2009, and participated in her own development of curriculum, then was able to define her role as part of the educating team as the Director of Operations. Her dedication is to provide an “eco-healthy” quality program in early childhood education, and is deeply inspired by the “Reggio Emilia Approach.”

~Miss Michelle / Founder-Director
Kidz Go Eco

Miss Lori

Eco Educator Miss Lori

Hello, my name is Miss Lori. I am one of the lead teachers at Kidz Go Eco. Kidz Go Eco has allowed me to learn and provide early childhood education and knowledge to preschoolers. Previously I worked for several years as an aide in an elementary school and graduated from Quinnipiac University in New Jersey with a degree in Communications, and worked in the school system as Kindergarten Ed Tech. In my daily life I strive to live an Eco green lifestyle so I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to incorporate being kind and compassionate to each other and our environment. Kidz Go Eco is a wonderful place because it allows children to learn about many things including animals, our planet and being green and I am happy to be a part of it.

~Miss Lori / Eco Educator
Teach, Explore, Inspire… Green

Miss Vicki

Eco Educator Miss Vicki

My name is Miss Vicki and I’ve been an educator, childcare professional, and coach for more than 20 years. My professional background includes my passion for professional ice skating, drumming, and I’m a certified Reiki Master. The bulk of my experience has been with children with behavioral and/or emotional difficulties and needs. From my diverse background I bring the philosophy that every child is an individual, and parents and educators must work as a team to help them see their own limitless potential.

As an educator, I chose Kidz Go Eco to practice early childhood education because I envision a physically active learning experience within our natural world where children can thrive. I truly feel the Earth itself is like a child and requires nurturing for all of us to succeed. With my easy humor and endless energy I feel learning should be holistic and fun, and I look forward to meeting your family!

~Miss Vicki / Eco Educator
Teach, Explore, Inspire… Green

Miss Jessica

Eco Educator Miss Jessica

Hello! My name is Miss Jessica and I am a former KGE parent that joined the teaching staff in early 2016. I graduated from University of Hartford where I studied Communication and Journalism.

Being green is a part of my lifestyle and I enjoy sharing my knowledge about the natural world with children and teaching them what they can do to make positive changes to impact our future. I lead by example and encourage children to make healthy choices that promote overall wellness and health. My enthusiasm for fitness lead me to become a fitness instructor and I teach several fitness classes a week. I also love to incorporate movement and yoga into the classroom.

I continue to share my love of animals, particularly canines, and have been a certified dog trainer for nearly 10 years. I enjoy educating families, children and canines to better communicate with one another. Teaching, educating and instructing in all capacities is a passion of mine. I am grateful every day to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful children at a fantastic school.

~Miss Jessica / Eco Educator
Teach, Explore, Inspire… Green

Miss Tessa

Assistant Eco Educator Miss Tessa

Hi, I’m Miss Tessa. I graduated from the University of Maine Farmington with a bachelors in elementary education and a minor in athletics and recently finished my masters in inclusion education at the University of New England. During the day I work at Fairfield School as an Ed Tech, and help out as a Floater/Substitute at Kidz Go Eco in the afternoons. I love the opportunity to hang out with the students at KGE. My favorite part is taking them outside and playing games with them!

~Miss Tessa / Assistant Eco Educator
Teach, Explore, Inspire… Green