Closings & Holidays

Closings & Holidays
September 5Labor Day
October 10Indigenous Day
November 11Veterans’ Day
November 23Parent/Educator Conferences
November 24, 25Thanksgiving Recess
December 26 – 30Winter Vacation Week
January 16Martin Luther King Day
February 20 – 24February Vacation Week
April 14Parent/Educator Conferences
April 17 – 21April Vacation Week
May 26, 29Memorial Day Weekend
June 19Juneteenth Day
July 3, 4Independence Weekend
July 17-23Summer Vacation
September 1Theory In Practice Day

This calendar includes closings and holidays for all programs. Full tuition is expected.

Storm Delays or Cancellations are posted on the Channel 13 News website.


Kidz Go Eco will be closed for Parent and Educator conferences for 2 days each year. This creates special times for our parent community to meet with their child’s teacher(s). All parent/teacher meetings must be scheduled during these dates and times. There will be no school or childcare available on these dates.

Kidz Go Eco will close for one “Theory in Practice Day” which is designed for staff to focus on their level of engagement, inquiry, and classroom connections amongst one another before the new school year begins.


It takes a community

As the proverb illustrates, it takes a village to raise a child and for a small independent school it takes the thoughtful efforts and creative resources of the community to educate the village’s children.We are deeply grateful for your willingness to support our nature school, whether monetary, contributions of classroom supplies/equipment/furniture, kind words of encouragement, lifting our educators spirits with a special thank you, or your own unique offering. Your donation makes a difference and with your generosity and thoughtfulness, kidz go eco is a very special place for all the children that attend our school. We want to thank you for all your in kind support!