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Scholarships and Financial Tuition assistance builds a lasting opportunity for young children in our Community

Kidz Go Eco sets high quality standards, recognizes excellence, and our ongoing training in child development is something we further research-to-practice and public policy on behalf of children in our care. Given the economic challenges we face it is crucial that we continue to our best ability to create innovative programs and intiatives for our children, familes, and educators at Kidz Go Eco.

High quality programs for young children is creating enormous new opportunities for serving the needs of our children in the early childhood profession, and is giving children and families the extra support they need to help children learn and grow. Making an online gift supports families on our waiting list that need assistance with part-time childcare, afterschool care, and weekend childcare for parents working two jobs, and provides a family who may not have the fiscal funds for full-time childcare, but would still benefit from having their child participate in preschool classes that are focused on Kindergarten Readiness.

Kidz Go Eco would like to utilize our communities gifts for children and families who need financial assistance. The donation makes an enormous difference, and having a giving program only creates opportunity, education, and support on the behalf of children and families in your very own community.

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If you would like to know more about how your donation can change a local family, please contact Miss Michelle at 229-6440 to learn more about this giving program.