About Us

Our culture for achievement is to create a school so welcoming, so inviting that every child who walks through our doors has an amazing experience.

Our facility is inspired by the “Reggio Emilia Approach” where we create, design, and explore beautiful environments where we provoke each child’s interests.

As educators, we thrive on helping each child practice good citizenship, conservation literacy, and kindergarten readiness skills. Again welcome!

Sustainably yours,
KGE Teachers


Our Vision

Our Vision is simple. Teaching children, connecting them with nature, encompassing their personal growth in areas they’re already passionate about, while fostering and delivering the most entrusted early childhood education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an Ecology and Nature inspired school. We teach, explore, and inspire children to give back to their community. Our eco-educators set examples surrounding conservation, wildlife & environmental sustainability, and we ensure that each child is provided with an outdoor approach to early childhood education.

The Eco-Friendly Pledge ©

Today, I will be kind to the earth, I will eat healthier foods for my body and I will encourage others to make better choices for the environment. By living eco-friendly each day, I will create a safer, healthier, greener life for myself and in the lives of others.

Kidz Go Eco

Environmental Support

What is Kidz Go Eco doing to get involved? Our facility puts an enormous emphasis on buying local and supporting local businesses. We have the Ferry Beach Ecology School attend our school to share their programs, we participate in donating to the Animal Welfare Society by having them attend our school to educate the importance of pet care, we enjoy baking for the Scarborough Veteran’s Home, contribute goodies for bake sales to local animal shelters, our teachers get involved and look forward to the Center For Wildlife attending our school each year, which is our way of giving back to their organization. On a global level we interact with organizations such as the National Resources Defense Council, and we adopt an Endangered Species Animal through the World Wildlife Fund each year. Most importantly, we have fun doing our part by recycling, reusing, and reducing to help impact our community.

  Address 80 Flag Pond Road
Saco, Maine 04072
  Phone 207-571-9444
  Email mlg@kidzgoeco.com
  Director Michelle Goulet
80 Flag Pond Road
Saco, Maine 04072
Michelle Goulet