Migrators (Ages 5-8)

The Aftercare Program serves children ages 5-8 from 3:00pm – 4:30pm. This offers children and parents a unique nurturing experience that offers more “one-on-one” interaction with children and staff. Children in this program are referred to as Migrator’s. These age groups have developed the independent skills to “migrate” from their school to KGE by the Saco School’s Bus System, and we recognize for most children that this is a special milestone. When children arrive at our facility, a Lead Educator or Assistant Educator will be waiting for your child’s arrival. The Migrator Program is mindful of the supervision expectations of working parents who want enrichment for their child, or have been recommended by the school system for families who prefer a small more private aftercare program.

leaf artworkThis program is designed to offer mentoring and guidance by our educated facilitators, so students have the opportunity to improve academically, encourage good citizenship, while exposing them to topics surrounding environmental sustainability, earth sciences, ecology, social activities, and other educational opportunities. Our afterschool program is designed to serve the needs of both children and parents who do not need a comprehensive aftercare program for snow days, vacations, etc. Most often our aftercare students are children with parents who are teachers in the school system.

The Saco School’s Bus System drops children off at Kidz Go Eco. A Teacher will be waiting for your child when they arrive.

**$75.00 (non-refundable) admissions fee**

3:00pm – 4:30pm
1 day $29 wk
2 days $39 wk
3 days $49 wk
4 days $59 wk
5 days $69 wk
Please Note: If your child is considered a “Drop-In” and needs only one day of care, the tuition is $35.00 for the day. Your child would need to be registered and attending a minimum of one day per week to receive the $29.00 tuition fee.