Program Highlights

Our Programs Are Very Unique

  • Our Programs promote the social, emotional and physical development of every child by utilizing culturally and developmentally appropriate proven methods and practices.
  • We provide a fun, hands-on learning, eco-healthy environment because all children are unique with different skills and interests.
  • Our preschool is staffed with experienced teachers in either Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education or Child Development.
  • We provide personalized daily feedback to help you understand what activities your child participated in during each school day.
  • We encourage children to progress at their own pace according to their individual needs and abilities.
  • Teachers are open-minded and become part of your child’s daily experience. We facilitate exploration, reflect on “how the world works”, and aim our thoughts on concerning biological objects that attract a child’s attention, such as a new plant beginning to bud, an animal running, or the discovery of different foods.

Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum, inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, and early childhood education program challenges each child individually and allows them to work at their own pace. The children will experience how to work in groups, which will provide a powerful bond in their learning experience. Children will have every opportunity to learn and engage in their very own interests, while we focus on numbers, colors, shapes, self-help skills, gross & fine motor skills, tracing, coloring, cutting, classroom etiquette, opposites, spacial patterns, socialization, stories, crafts, and preparing your “marvel” for Kindergarten!

Creative Fine Arts

Children will discover different art techniques & famous artists, have the opportunity to try different types of art, and draw things that interest them.

Language Arts

This will give the children the opportunity to learn more about sign language and the importance of respecting different types of languages and language barriers.

Music Appreciation & Dance

Children will expand their understanding and appreciation of different types of music, spatial awareness, movement, balance, and coordination.

Children’s Yoga

Children will experience and learn to understand the basic “poses” in yoga. This will help with fitness and help facilitate and channel children’s energy that is over-stimulated by today’s living and society.

Science Discovery & Ecology

Children will learn through the observation of living animals, insects, plants; exploring weather; and discovering the solar system. Kidz Go Eco will educate children on the importance of environmental awareness through recycling, conserving, and reducing. We “adopt” an animal that is on the “Endangered Species” list every year, and will display a photo of that animal on a bulletin for all the children to see.

Fun Examples of Our Curriculum Themes

  • Seeking Our Senses
  • Energy & Motion
  • Weather Science
  • Earth Day Workshop
  • Magnetic Wonders
  • Recycling Lab
  • Color Craze
  • Music Appreciation
  • Helper of the Day
  • Space Adventures
  • Insect Discovery
  • Calendar Time
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Wildlife Indoors
  • Wiggle to Fitness

What makes our Early Childcare Program unique?

Experimental Learning

At Kidz Go Eco, students are engaged and captivated by hands-on learning experiences. Learning through direct experience offers children the opportunity to actively master skills—it brings learning to life—from creating and running their own grocery market to learn about money, conduct archeological digs of mysterious cultures as a way of studying world cultures, perform field ecology research around our school, see & hold real-life animals, view life cycles to see how plants grow, see how tadpoles evolve into frogs, and children even begin to learn how to reuse items to create recycled art. These are some fun examples of how the students learn in our school.

Reflective Learning

When students reflect on their experiences, they develop a genuine understanding of what they have studied. Reflection reinforces and enhances their learning. It gives them the opportunity to better retain information and build on earlier discoveries. While journal writing is central to this process, students also reflect on their experiences through discussion, writing, drawing, and creating visual presentations. Kidz Go Eco recognizes that children communicate in multiple “languages.” Students at all grade levels reflect by creating displays, books, dramatic performances, music, public speaking, art, and presentation skills. Through these different channels of expression, students have the opportunity to first, individually reflect, and then share their discoveries with a larger community. Teachers love to incorporate “show-n-tell” and “star of the week” so children can reflect upon themselves and their very own interests as well.

Research-Based Learning

Through a strong core curriculum, students at Kidz Go Eco become proficient in traditional subject areas: language arts, math, social studies, and science. Teachers provide themes to enhance the core academics by providing students the opportunity to apply and broaden their knowledge through studying special topics in-depth. Topics are designed based on students’ interests which provides the children the opportunity to immerse themselves in a focused area of study. Through themed studies, we incorporate science, math, writing, reading, research, visual arts, and outdoor education.

Mastery of Academic Skills

Kidz Go Eco inspires and challenges students while supporting them in a nurturing environment. Two teachers are in each classroom. Our low student-to-faculty ratio allows teachers to personally know students and respond to their individual learning styles. By working closely together inside and outside the classroom, teachers and students build strong and meaningful personal relationships that make children feel valued and appreciated for who they are. Teachers collaboratively work at each child’s level, and students are often divided into age appropriate groups for core subjects and preschool classes. Overall, students receive a high level of individual attention. The teachers challenge students to think critically. Creative problem-solving begins with valuing differences and fresh insight. Working in small teams, students learn their own ideas are often enhanced by collaboration and interest. Kidz Go Eco provides traditional school practices while providing a structured environment to help prepare children for Kindergarten, and our students are surrounded by peers, teachers and parents who are inspired and motivated.

Outdoor Education

Age-appropriate experiments will provide children with life-altering experiences and new challenges, along with opportunities to apply skills learned in the classroom, collect data for use in the classroom, solve problems, bond with classmates and teachers and develop self-confidence. Often, these experiences give children rich topics for their writing, drawing, and conversation. Adventures in the field and outdoor education are ideal opportunities for integrated teaching and learning. Students experience outdoor play daily: explore, play, perform scientific experiments, navigate, reflect in journals, sing, and create artwork. Outdoor education is an inextricable part of the way we teach and learn.