Little Timbers (Ages 3-4)

Camp EcoAvocado

Our Little Timbers program is an enriching First Nature Camp experience for 3-4 year olds as they explore hands-on nature experiences, engage in small group nature games, and natured-based art activities. Little Timbers learn about the natural world, which improves a child’s imagination, concentration, and observation skills. Children enjoy nature walks, investigating our nature trails signs, story walks, Maine wildlife encounters, camp songs, and lots of outdoor art projects.

Camp EcoAvocado has 11 weekly themes, and our Summer Nature Camps offer a variety of options, and can be tailored to fit your schedule and needs. See camp tuition.

Little Timbers must be potty trained.
See Also

  • Woodland Animals

    June 24—28

    Squirrels! Raccoons! Owls! Deer! Which forest animals sleep at night and during the day? Our Little Timbers experience science learning outside with a full week of exploration and discovery. We’ll have outdoor cooperative games, animal crafts, and challenge each child’s observational skills on which woodland animals inhabit our area.

  • Growing Buds

    July 1—3 (closed July 4th and 5th for Independence Day)

    Little Timbers get to utilize our current landscaping to plant seeds, flowers, and vegetables in our garden. Gardens are living laboratories where lessons are drawn from real life experiences, encouraging children to become active participants in the learning process. Having children engage in gardens improves their enthusiasm to choose food preferences of fruits and vegetables. A great week for using garden tools, and playing in organic soil!

  • Art in Nature

    July 8—12

    Children love to play outside and explore nature! From twigs! Leaves! Flowers! Bark! Stones! Painting outside! We’ve created art projects that make art with nature! Environmental art is a growing movement evolving all the time, the activities focus on exploration and expression, so we help children express themselves creatively by using materials they find. We have projects that can guide our Little Timbers so they know how to use their materials. Letter stones, Fairy Gardens, Weaving nature, Flower Petals and Leaf pigments, acorn collage, and decorating pinecones are fun examples to involve nature and turn it into Art!

  • Geocaching

    July 15—19

    What is Geocaching? This is a friendly way to teach our Little Timbers about the wonders of the Outdoors! This is the best hi-tech treasure hunt where children will be searching enthusiastically for a little treasure box in the woods! We will use maps and little hints to help children find the Cache! They may be hidden under rock piles, old logs, or even behind a tree! Once the treasure has been found, we teach children “Leave No Trace” principles, to take something from the cache, leave something in the cache, and what we can write about in the logbook!

  • Kindred Spirits

    July 22—26

    A wonderful introduction to a child’s ability to expand their imagination in the performing arts. Little Timbers can explore dance, silk scarves, streamers, instruments, parachute games, music, magic, theater, joining the circus, and they can bring in their own dress up clothes to this camp to increase the individuality and creativity. A great week for children to dress up in our costumes!

  • Ocean Caretakers

    July 29 — August 2

    Do you know how big a Logger Head Turtle is? Let’s make a beach in a jar! This is an enriching marine biology experience that opens the doors to what is “Marine Life” and the majestic species that utilize the ocean as their home. This week is to cultivate a love and respect for the ocean by building confidence, while inspiring future generations about coastal conservation through safety and fun. We introduce sea life, seashells, crustaceans, how to keep our oceans clean, and which endangered marine species need our help. This week incorporates sprinkler and water table fun!

  • Bug Detectives

    August 5—9

    We love bugs! Little Timbers explore and frolic like frogs, and investigate little insects with their very own natural curiosity! They will discover which bugs utilize our current landscaping for survival! This is such a child friendly way to learn about insects through life cycles, beautiful insect art activities from grasshoppers, lightning bugs, dragonflies, ladybugs, the praying mantis, honeybees, and even hard-working ant colonies!

  • Serendipiters

    August 12—16

    A pleasant discovery or happy surprise! Serendipity is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy, beneficial way! This week is a week for surprises and brilliant discoveries! Maybe magical fairies, an unexpected visit, or a happy coincidence! This is a week of where children can turn their skills into good fortune. We let children stumble onto moments of serendipity, and let children use their unique special powers and talents and turn themselves into Serendipiters!

    Children will be dazzled by their inventions, and learn an inventor always “finds” an expression of himself or herself. No whimsical ideas are too small for our Serendipiters!

  • Little Gems

    August 19—23

    Let’s Explore Minerals and Rocks in Maine! Each year rock collectors come to Maine to explore and search for crystals, gems, gold, and other minerals. Wow! What rock is that? Where did that rock come from? Is that tourmaline, topaz, mica, or feldspar? Rock painting, rock collecting, discovering the beauty of different rocks and some of the unique ways rocks can be utilized. From jewelry, to landscaping, to painting, and to collecting, Little Timbers get to explore minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary and luster stones as part of the Mineral collecting in Maine!

  • Little Timbers Think Preschool

    August 26-30

    What a summer! Now that summer is coming to an end, our Little Timbers are preparing to embark on a new journey… Preschool here they come! This week helps children feel excited about their new chapter. We read back to school stories, we go over meeting new friends, new teachers, and all the fun learning experiences preschool brings. This is a great precursor for children to help them make the transition into going back to preschool! We had such a wonderful summer in Maine!