Admissions Policy


Abuse & Neglect Policy

Kidz Go Eco Preschool is “required” by the State of Maine Law, if we as teachers have a strong reason to suspect child abuse or neglect, the situation will be reported to the Department of Health and Human Services as well as Child Protective Services without giving parental notification.

Admissions Process

The admission process at Kidz Go Eco is as follows:

  • Review programs
  • Children must be at least 2 years and 9 months at the time of enrollment.
  • Children must be toilet-trained (no pull-ups or diapers).
  • Call and schedule a tour to meet and greet your child’s teachers.
  • Submit enrollment forms and non-refundable annual re-registration fee of $150.00.
  • Deposit of first and second week tuition.
  • Introduce your child to the preschool with scheduled visits if needed.
  • Please supply verification of updated immunization records, custody documents or asthma and allergy form if needed.


Kidz Go Eco reserves the right to amend policies under special circumstances with notice to parents.


Behavior Guidance

A Kidz Go Eco every child is recognized and respected as an individual. We acknowledge the feelings of each child, and strongly believe that it is important that a child’s development is nurtured through love, attention, compassion, patience and understanding.

  • We feel understanding is more important than discipling, providing the child guidance as educators, redirection, clear limits, quiet and safe spots, discussion of inappropriate behavior and alternatives, and positive role modeling. We are firm, fair and consistent.
  • The basic goal of positive behavior guidance is to help children develop self-discipline, self-control, and self-direction through positive guidance.
  • Praising and rewarding a child for appropriate behavior through words, redirection, and leading by example will only reinforce desirable behavior.
  • We as teachers have age appropriate expectations. We do not expect children to always understand and to follow the rules and will be tailored to the developmental level of the child.
  • If conflict arises between children, we will encourage children to reach their own potential as problem-solvers by challenging them to come up with their own positive solutions. If conflict continues, they will redirected away from the problem, towards a more constructive activity in order to reduce or cease the conflict.
  • We will guide children to resolve conflicts, and if a child exhibits unacceptable behavior we will direct the child towards a more constructive activity.
  • If a behavior persists and we have taken all the steps to direct, discuss, reason, and reflect with a child on their behavior then a meeting with parents will be required to discuss the child’s behavior and develop a plan to help encourage the child onto a more positive behavioral path.
  • If at anytime the child is having a difficult day, a child’s behavior becomes excessive, and if the child’s behavior were to create an unsafe environment for themselves or others we will document the incident, and call to have your child picked up within one hour.
  • If excessive, unacceptable behavior continues and a child is sent home on numerous occasions for disruptive/aggressive behavior, further action may result in possible termination in preschool or child care.
  • If the child is posing a danger to other children, staff, or causing damage to preschool grounds or contents, an immediate termination may be the only solution and Kidz Go Eco reserves the right to exercise this right to our discretion.
  • Our teaching staff uses a term called a “safe spot” where a child is guided and redirected to if a child were creating an unsafe environment for themselves or other children. Examples of unsafe behavior: kicking, throwing toys, hitting repeatedly, etc. If teachers are unsuccessful in helping the child to move to a safe spot, we prompt the child saying, “I’m going to gently pick you p and move your body to a safe spot.” We guide children to a safe area until parents are notified.
  • Under no circumstances will Kidz Go Eco use corporal punishment as a means to control a child’s behavior. This includes and not limited to: rough handling, shoving, spanking, slapping, kicking, etc. We will never subject a child to punishment that could cause distress such as yelling, name-calling, shaming, punishing for toilet accidents, withholding food or water, etc.

As teachers at Kidz Go Eco we believe in positive behavior guidance and collaboratively work with parents/children to develop consistent appropriate behavior. We work as a team and use incentives to achieve the best direction for each child. Parents are encouraged to discuss any matters or concerns about their children’s behavior with us, and we will plan together how to respond to certain behavioral concerns. We will always continuously communicate with parents so we can attempt to help each child have a positive experience at Kidz Go Eco.


Confidentiality & Security of Children’s Records

Kidz Go Eco teachers are the only personnel that have access to children’s files. We keep our records in a locked file cabinet for extra security. Teachers and administrators of KGE will have access to these records. KGE will not release a child’s record to anyone or to any organization without written permission from the parent or guardian. The only exception would be a court order by the Department of Human Services for the State of Maine or when Licensing and Regulatory Services for the State of Maine reviews our program to make sure our program is meeting standards, record keeping, state policies, and is in good compliance. Parents have the right to request a copy of their child’s record for a $15.00 fee.

Custody Agreements

Any restraining orders or custody agreements must be on file. Without legal documentation, Kidz Go Eco has no legal way to prevent a child’s natural parents from removing their child from the preschool grounds.


Emergency Management Plan

If a state emergency were to occur teachers will work together to alert parents and guardians via phone. Kidz Go Eco will rely on the public safety departments to aid us and supply transportation to a secure site if needed. Each staff member has a cell phone available as another form of contact in case the landline is interrupted.


Gun-Free Zone

Kidz Go Eco is a gun-free zone.


Nature Trails

I understand that my child is enrolled in an ecology and nature inspired facility, and will be introduced to nature trails, nature signs, and a nature trail camera to monitor wildlife in our area. Our facility is unable to guarantee that a child would not have contact or exposure to ticks in our area. Parents need to spray their child upon arriving to any program, and staff will continue to spray and monitor children for tick checks to aid in prevention and safety.

Parents who do not want their child on the nature trails must put in writing that you prefer to not have your child participate on the nature trails, and must hand a copy of the written letter to the Educator or Director to place in child’s file.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Kidz Go Eco preschool welcomes children of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities of the child care. We like to think we make everyone feel good about being part of one global community.


Self Reporting

Kidz Go Eco is mandated to report to currently enrolled families of any serious state violations, serious injuries, or any serious safety concerns with structure.


Kidz Go Eco is a smoke-free environment.

Storm Delays/Closings

Kidz Go Eco understands that parents do not like to travel with their children in severe inclement weather, so in case of severe weather conditions, or possible closings we will alert families by posting our closing on the Channel 13 News website.

Kidz Go Eco has two specific listings for closures that could be listed on WGME, so please look for the program your child is enrolled in to know if your program has been cancelled due to inclement weather.

  • Kidz Go Eco Preschool Classes
  • Kidz Go Eco Childcare & Afterschool Programs


Television Viewing

Kidz Go Eco Preschool meets the state mandated policy of educational, age appropriate television. However, we do not offer television viewing as part of our program, but will have a special “Movie Day” for occasional seasonal holidays, or for a classroom reward. Our program focuses on keeping our learning environment interactive and hands-on.


Kidz Go Eco is committed to providing a warm inviting, nurturing, and supportive environment for children and families. We are committed to working with children and families so that each child’s experience is positive and rewarding. If we have any concerns about a child’s needs or concerns about the actions of the parents, we will meet with the parents to discuss our concerns and establish a plan that will benefit the child, the family, and Kidz Go Eco. Although we will make every effort within our means to support our families in difficult and challenging situations, some circumstances may call for an immediate termination of the agreement and we reserve the right to exercise this option to our discretion. If an immediate termination occurs, tuition will be prorated for that month, and unused amounts will be refunded (deposits and registration fee are non-refundable).

Some circumstances that could call for an immediate termination, but not limited to these reasons are listed below:

  • Tuition payments are overdue and parents are unable to mutually agree upon suitable arrangements.
  • Parent exhibits a pattern of consistently paying tuition late causing hardship to the operation of KGE.
  • If a child is having an extremely difficult time adjusting for an extensive period of time and making it a challenge for the teaching staff to attend to other children.
  • If a child exhibits a pattern of severe emotional or social behaviors that are detrimental to the other children in the classroom.
  • If a child exhibits a pattern of destructive behavior that results in the harming of the other children, harming of teaching staff or damage to the preschool space or contents.
  • If the child’s needs are beyond the scope of Kidz Go Eco’s scope of care and our teaching professionals.
  • If parent abuses the policies and procedures in the parent handbook.
  • If parent abuses the closing policy and repeatedly arrives late to pick up their child.
  • If parent exhibits disrespectful, threatening or intimidating behavior towards staff, children or other families.
  • If a child is absent for more than five consecutive days and the parent has not contacted KGE to communicate on whether child is returning.


Our Waiting List

Our preschool spaces are very limited in our program, so before families can be placed on our waiting list, we require families to visit our program, then after the visit if your family has determined that KGE is a wonderful ft for your child and family, then we require families to fill out a registration form, submit waiting list fee of $25.00 (non-refundable). This $25.00 will be credited to your one-time registration fee of $150.00 if an opening becomes available. We give families five business days to accept a position for your child from the day we contact your family. If a decision has not been made within five business days then your child’s space will be forfeited.


If parents decide to withdraw their child for any reason from the program, we require a parent to fill out a withdrawal form and submit it to the Director at least two weeks prior to withdrawal date. If parents choose to withdraw their child prior to the two week notice, parents are still responsible for paying tuition up to the two weeks notice of the withdrawal date.