Daily Schedules

  • Investigators (Age 3)

    Monday – Friday (9:00am—11:30am)


    Arrival/Outdoor Recess/Morning Routine

    Parents will drop off children outside. In the event of inclement weather, drop off will be inside.


    Organic Breakfast is Served


    Transition Time/Clean-Up

    Children are instructed to wash hands and use the potty if needed. While a teacher is cleaning and assisting children to finish their breakfast, children that have finished their meal are encouraged to have independent play while teachers and children are getting prepared to transition.


    Learning Circle


    Atelier Studio Time

    (The word Atelier means art studio or workshop in French.)

    Each child creates a creative fine art or project at their own pace. Considering some children finish later, this session can last until 10:50. Once a child finishes their project, they are instructed to use the potty if needed and to wash their hands. While other children are working on completing their projects, children that have finished can utilize the reading center or choose learning materials they can experiment with independently. We have carefully selected important learning tools to connect children with their learning environment.


    Music & Movement

    Classes are facilitated by utilizing tools to get the children moving! We incorporate colorful scarves, chimes, multi-cultural music, instruments with collectively different sounds, and we use books with CD’s like “Pete the Cat”, to get children singing, moving, and dancing. This period is harvested to encourage children to listen to their environment and understand how they act and move within that environment.


    Story Time

    Teachers choose selective reading materials to incorporate the “Theme of the Week”. Story time becomes an important way for teachers to help children develop strong listening skills and cultivates stronger relationships between teachers and children.


    Dismissal/Recess Time/Parent Arrival

    Please Note: During the Winter Season, children need to attend with proper dress. When children are transitioning for dismissal/recess, having each child learn to dress themselves properly can be a longer process. We kindly ask parents to ensure teachers have time to help facilitate each child as we encourage them to independently dress themselves. Teachers help foster self-sufficiency, self-independency, and to build the life skills children will need when they transition into the Explorer Program then onto Kindergarten.

  • Explorers (Ages 4-5)

    Monday – Friday (8:00am—11:30am)


    Arrival/Outdoor Recess/Morning Routine

    Parents will drop off children outside. In the event of inclement weather, drop off will be inside.


    Organic Breakfast is Served


    Clean-Up Time

    Wash hands. Use the potty.


    Dramatic Play/Independent Play


    Transition Time/Clean-Up

    Sing clean-up song.


    Circle Time


    Atelier Studio Time

    (The word Atelier means art studio or workshop in French.)

    Children will work on their project or creative fine art at their own pace. It’s customary that some children will finish sooner than others. When a child has completed their project they are instructed to try the potty and wash hands. While children are waiting for their fellow classmates to complete their projects, children have the opportunity for independent play.

    Every Friday (Language & Literacy, Letter Recognition)

    Children have a letter of the week project. They are instructed to color in the actual letter they are learning for that week. Also, there will be an object for the child to add that starts with the letter they are learning. Everything is glued to a colored paper which usually coincides with the color of the week.


    Music & Movement

    Usually we play musical games. (Ex. Bean Bag Game)

    Every Wednesday (Writing Paper Day)

    The children do the letter of the week writing paper. These are saved and not sent home. Folders are in the classroom located in the white plastic drawers. Folders are displayed in the classroom on the rug so children can easily find their own folder. Children are prompted to put their letter paper in their folder with their name on it. Time permitting, Music and Movement will proceed after Letter Project.


    Story Time/Reflection Time

    The teacher will read stories already chosen that are based on the “Theme of the Week”.


    Recess Time/Preparing for Dismissal

    Parents arrive anywhere from 11:00 to 11:25. The children are not allowed to leave the fenced in area unless their parent is physically there to accompany them. For safety measure this prevents the child from running to the parking area alone.