Enrollment Policy



We appreciate a phone call for any reason your child will not be attending on a regular scheduled day. If your child is to be picked up by someone other than yourself, we need to be told in advance, preferably in the morning, so that we can make sure they are on the pick-up list, and to prepare your child as well. As parents/guardians, you will be responsible for payment even when you take a vacation or are absent for any reason, since your child’s preschool session will be reserved for you.

Additional School Fees

We want our programs to be extremely unique, so we do occasionally have supplemental fees that may apply to cover costs of additional or specialized activities. For instance, we have Wildlife Organizations and New England Zoo’s bring wild and exotic animals that are endangered or threatened in their habitats, so this is a wonderful part of our educational program that allows children to see animals that, in the future, may not exist. We promise to give families ample notice to when we are having supplemental programs and parents can always pay a little at a time to ensure child’s participation.


All children with life threatening allergies or special needs will need a plan of care written and signed by their physician. We will provide you with the necessary forms. Please let us know immediately if your child requires special needs or has a life threatening allergy. In the event that a child with a severe food allergy (peanuts, nuts, milk) is enrolled, we reserve the right to ask ALL families to respect the health and well-being of that child and refrain from sending the indicated foods to school. The Asthma & Allergy Form needed for your child’s pediatrician can be found here.


Healthy Birthday’s & Celebrations

These celebrations are encouraged to be recognized with homemade playdough, birthday hats children can color, a special toy to bring in to show the class, or healthy dishes such as veggie pizza or fruit cups with whip cream are all examples of how to make substitutions for cake and candy.

Holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Fourth of July, can be celebrated with stickers, erasers, cards, art activities, a book to read to the class, or any other creative, healthy idea parents have are encouraged! Thank you for helping us keep children healthy!


Parent Checklist

  • Complete Registration Form/Financial Agreement
  • Annual Re-Registration Fee $150.00
  • Sign Social Media Form
  • Complete Health History Form
  • Emergency Transportation Form
  • Tick Removal Form
  • Non-Medication Topical Form
  • Sign Illness Policy Form
  • Emergency Consent Form
  • Allergy & Asthma Form if child has severe allergy, Epi-Pen prescribed
  • Updated immunizations for your child. If parents choose to not vaccinate, we need a letter indicating your family’s wishes or sign Religious Exemption Form.
  • Custody documents if applicable
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste if your child is staying over four hours
  • Pillowcase with your child’s name on it if your child will be resting at KGE
  • Parents please review our “Operational Policy” so you’re aware of our school holidays and school closings.
  • Extra change of clothes in a small backpack (shirt, pants, underwear, non-skid socks)
  • Tuition payment is due on the first of each month for Preschool and Afterschool. Private Childcare tuition is due every Monday with one week payment in advance.
  • Parents need to arrive 10 minutes early prior to their child’s session ending or KGE closing.
  • Private Childcare students bring cold, nutritious lunches (we are a peanut/nut aware school: no nuts, no pastries, no cookies, no candy, no chocolate, no juice).
  • Preschool and Chilcare Enrollment Packet is located here.

Choking Awareness

  1. hot dogs (recommend cutting small)
  2. raw carrots (recommend cutting small)
  3. whole grapes (recommend cutting small)
  4. seeds
  5. raw peas
  6. hard pretzels
  7. chips
  8. peanut butter in spoonfuls
  9. marshmallows
  10. popcorn
  11. chunks of meat larger than can be swallowed whole
  12. Any foods that are round, hard, small, thick, sticky, smooth and slippery.
  13. No gum, candy, hard candy, foods with chocolate, soda, and fruit boxes allowed at school

Clothing Needs

Many of the activities we provide can be messy, so please be sure to send your children in comfortable play clothes. Play clothes are clothes that can get dirty! Children should not feel required to avoid certain activities because they are concerned about spoiling their clothing. A change of clothes should be replenished daily in children’s backpacks if used (socks, underwear, pants, shirt, shorts).



We offer our families a 5% sibling discount, and will work with the state funded subsidy programs. If parents submit Preschool or Childcare tuition in full for the year, we offer a $150.00 discount off your child’s annual tuition.

Drop-Off Policy

Children and parents are not allowed to enter programming before facility opens at 7:30am, or before your child is to begin his/her program. Under no circumstances are children allowed in the building without an adult. For your child’s safety, parents are asked to park, then walk your child into the preschool entrance.

If someone is dropping off your child that KGE is unfamiliar with, if possible, we kindly ask parents to give KGE a courtesy of knowing prior to so teaching staff are aware.


Epinephrine Pens & Inhalers

All parents are responsible to provide necessary life saving medication if your child has been prescribed any medication in the event of an allergic reaction or in case of an emergency. Parents and guardians need to make sure all medication is labeled and that medication is not expired. Parents and guardians are responsible to replace and make sure all life saving medication is up-to-date and not expired at all times. Parents need to have a pediatrician fill out the asthma and allergy form and return to the facility to put in your child’s record.

Evaluation of New Tuition Rates

KGE tuition schedule runs from January to January of each year. KGE re-evaluates the competitive tuition market, new upcoming expenses for each new fiscal year, and we take the information and base our tuition around those circumstances. For instance, some examples on why tuition could increase each year in January is due to new Daycare Insurance Rates, Payroll Services, or maintenance to our facility.


We understand that we are responsible for the safety and well-being of children, but we are not responsible if children’s eyewear or glasses are accidentally broken. We ask parents to make sure they are discussing eyewear care with their children at home, and our staff will help guide children on the importance of eyeglasses and safety. If another child breaks another child’s glasses we are unable to disclose the other child’s name due to confidentiality. If your child shares with you who broke your child’s glasses, then your family can decide if you would like to approach and discuss with the other family on replacing your child’s eyewear.


Financial Agreement

We ask families to sign the registration form with Financial Agreement. Parents just need to give a two week notice if withdrawing.


Play shoes, sneakers, or athletic sandals that fully cover your child’s feet are recommended in our program. No fip-fops are allowed. We play outside everyday so footwear that is rugged enough to protect your child’s feet and little toes is extremely helpful. Footwear should be appropriate for weather conditions.


Hand Washing

We kindly ask visitors, parents, children, and staff to wash hands when entering the building. Frequent hand-washing is encouraged at Kidz Go Eco as a conscious effort to minimize the spread of germs.


Kidz Go Eco has a yearly listing of all paid holiday/vacation dates, so please refer to our operational policy. If a holiday falls on a weekend, it will be observed on the day before or the day after the actual holiday. If a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, we will create a long weekend by substituting the preceding Monday or the following Friday for a holiday not taken. (For instance: If Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, we will be closed Friday as well.)

  • New Year’s Day Observance
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday
  • Patriot’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day (the day “before” and the day “after” also)
  • President’s Day
  • Christmas Day (the day “before” and the day “after” also)
Kidz Go Eco is closed for two weeks per year for all programs during Christmas Week Vacation.


Illness Backup Person

Parents will need to ensure a safe backup person in case your child unfortunately becomes ill with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or needs one-on-one care. Kidz Go Eco ensures a healthy and safe environment so please keep your child safe at home until symptoms have subsided. Please refer to Kidz Go Eco Illness Policy for further information. We want to keep our children healthy!



If your child wears jewelry, we request your child to wear pieces that are secured to your child and not easily pulled, tangled, or hooked on to the child’s clothing or to other children. If your child wears earrings, as a safety precaution, please make sure that the earrings are properly secured to the child’s earlobe and the design will not hook onto clothing of another child. It should not easily be pulled our of fall out. We will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of jewelry or any valuable items that a child wears or brings to preschool.


Late Tuition Fees

Tuition for Preschool and Afterschool programs are due on the first of every month, and Private Childcare tuition is due every Monday. A late fee of $5.00 per day will be assessed to your families account for every day tuition is received late. We will attempt to contact parents regarding late payments.

Late Pick-Up Fees

Parents that arrive late for any programs or past 4:30pm will be charged $2.00 per minute.

5210 Let’s Go

Our program is committed to helping raise a healthier generation of children. The staff at Kidz Go Eco has made it our policy to follow the five Let’s Go! priority strategies for healthy eating and physical activity.

  1. We have eliminated unhealthy choices* for snacks and celebrations.
  2. We have eliminated sugary drinks.**
  3. We prohibit the use of food as a reward.
  4. We provide the opportunities for physical activity every day
  5. We limit recreational screen time.

* Unhealthy choices include foods and drinks high in sugar and/or salt such as soda, candy, cookies, cake and chips. ** Sugary drinks include juices (including 100% fruit juice) and sugar- sweetened drinks such as Sunny Delight, soda, sport drinks such as Gatorade, energy drinks such as Red Bull, lemonade and sweetened coffee, tea drinks such as Snapple.


Meals Parents Provide

Parents provide a cold health lunch from home for your child. Providing good nutrition for your child is a partnership. We ask parents to be mindful when packing your child’s lunch that we would prefer that parents only send health foods. We highly and strongly recommend packing fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, pastas, soups, etc. We will provide families with a healthy food list option at the time of enrollment. If you child has ongoing beverage needs, we ask parents to bring in what your child needs with their name indicated on the beverage (rice milk, oat milk, flaxseed milk, coconut milk). Please label your child’s lunch boxes and water bottles.

Mealtime Atmosphere

The atmosphere at mealtimes is made comforting and relaxing for children. We sometimes play soft music in the background. Mealtimes create a sense of community but most of all it creates a sense of togetherness―a sense of family. It sparks within each child a willingness to serve for the great good of the whole, which helps foster the development of social awareness and social responsibility. At the end of mealtimes, everyone is usually willing to help clean up. Also, teachers will not indicate in what order your child should eat his/her food. We routinely send home un- eaten portions of sandwiches and food in your child’s lunchbox. We believe this enables parents to see what their child has eaten during lunch.

Medication Administration

Kidz Go Eco will not administer any medication whether over the counter or prescribed by a pediatrician. Medications need to be given at home. We will not pass out medication to children.

Military & Purple Heart Recipients

We offer our a families a 5% discount.


Non-Sufficient Funds

Non-sufficient funds will result in a $25.00 service charge fee. Parents are responsible for all additional fees accrued by a non-sufficient check.

Nutrition Policy

Kidz Go Eco programs provide healthy and safe meals and snacks that meet the nutrition requirements established by the federal and state law and regulations. Agreements with the food 5210 “Lets Go Program” and the CACFP offers menus and nutritious food choices that emphasize nutrient-rich foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat or non-fat dairy, lean meats, eggs, and legumes. We encourage organic or locally grown “snacks”, so we ask parents to bring one nutritious snack weekly (for instance: a bag of apples, baby carrots with hummus). This is so parents can bring one snack weekly and not have to worry about providing a snack daily.

Very Important — Please Read
Promoting a healthy lifestyle is important to our educating staff at KGE. Supporting children with food allergies, recognizing cultural & religious beliefs, and trying to prevent childhood diabetes & obesity is a requirement from our staff and facility. Therefore, keeping a healthy guideline for meals and snacks is an obligation we have to our children, families, and as child care professionals. Sending children consistent health messages and optimal nutrition around food is strongly promoted, and we do not reward children with food for good behavior. We have guidelines for foods served around holidays and celebrations so we ask parents not to bring in cake, candy, pastries, or cupcakes, and we celebrate with mostly healthy and non-food treats. Staff members do not consume unhealthy foods or drinks in front of children during meal time. We are a Nut Aware and Peanut Aware Zone.

Nut Aware & Peanut Aware Zone

We want to inform parents that there could be children in our school with life threatening allergies to peanuts/tree nuts. Some children have such a high sensitivity to the peanut/tree nut protein that even a trace amount from a known peanut/nut product or a food product/item that has come in contact with a peanut/nut source (cross contamination) and is ingested can result in a life threatening anaphylactic reaction.

The most series reaction being respiratory difficulties, blockage of the airways, which if not medicated immediately, can lead to death. To provide the minimized allergen environment, we need the support an cooperation of you, the parents/guardians and our family community.

In the event we have a child/children enrolled in our program that has a nut/peanut allergy, we ask parents to bring lunches and snacks free of peanuts and tree nuts and products that may contain peanuts/tree nuts such as donuts, granola bars, etc.

We ask you to read food labels, checking for peanut/nut ingredients prior to sending food to school. Truly, this is a life saving measure. If you have other caregivers who provide your child(ren) with lunches or snacks, we encourage you to share this information with them.

We realize this request may require added planning and effort on your part when packing your child’s lunch and snacks, however, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your support and cooperation. We recommend cold lunches, sun butter, veggies, fruits, and as little as possible, processed foods.

School/Staff Responsibility if child/children enrolled with sever food allergies

  • KGE will do its very best to maintain Nut-Aware/Peanut Aware school when a child(red) are enrolled that have a nut/peanut allergy.
  • Information pertaining to child’s allergies will be shared with teaching staff who have contact with the child, but otherwise will be kept as confidential as possible.
  • KGE will provide anaphylaxis training opportunities for staff.
  • KGE will keep epinephrine/EPi-Pens on hand for children it’s prescribed to, and first-aid kits for treatment of an anaphylactic response.
  • KGE will strive to instruct teachers to recognize symptoms of an allergic reaction and to respond appropriately as necessary.
  • KGE will email or send a letter home letting families know we have a child(ren) enrolled with a nut/peanut allergy.
  • KGE has designated an eating area to separate children who have life threatening allergies as an added precaution.
  • The Asthma & Allergy Form needed for your child’s pediatrician can be found here.

Parents Responsibility if child/children enrolled with sever food allergies

  • If child(ren) is enrolled with severe allergies we ask ALL parents to NOT send your child with nuts/peanuts to school, including the following:
    • Peanut butter or any other nut butter including Nutella
    • Crackers with peanut butter or other nut butter filling
    • Any muesli bar, biscuit or other product that list nuts as an ingredient
    • Trail mixes with nuts,granola bars with nuts,or dried fruit with nuts
    • Cereal with nuts (EG: Honey Nut Cheerios)
    • Nuts in salad
    • Candy or cookies containing nuts
    • Anything cooked in peanut oil or other nut oil that has been cold pressed, expelled or extruded
  • Please make sure that you always check the labels on the food you are sending in to school. The FDA requires all manufacturers to list on their label if peanuts and/or tree nuts are in their product. If it says peanuts/tree nuts are contained in the food, consider it a banned item. Remember, manufacturing processes change, so a food that was safe, may not continue to be. It’s still important to read the ingredients label each time you purchase a food.
    • Food labels that say: “May contain peanut or tree nuts” are NOT OK to bring to school.
    • Food labels that say: “Made on equipment that also processes peanuts or tree nuts” are NOT OK to bring to school.
  • Parents of children with allergies must submit this form to your child’s pediatrician, located here.
  • Parents of children with life-threatening allergies must provide KGE with emergency medications and a written medical treatment protocol for their student for addressing allergy-related events. KGE will maintain the medication, inhalers, and Epi-Pens, and other information in a medical bag that is accessible to teachers and staff in the event of a life threatening allergic reaction.
  • Parents are responsible to educate their child about their life threatening allergies to foods or any other life threatening allergy (bee stings, etc).

Kidz Go Eco cannot guarantee that a child will never experience an allergy-related even while at school, nor can we guarantee all foods are free of nuts and peanuts. KGE is committed to children’s safety, and therefore has created this policy to reduce the risk that children with allergies will have an allergy-related event. Our goal is to promote a Nut Aware and Peanut Aware school in the event a child enrolled in our program has a life threatening allergy.

We appreciate your cooperation with this policy and your help in keeping our children safe and healthy.

Information on peanut/nut allergies and safe food ideas:


Organic Meals Served

  • Organic Breakfast
  • Organic PM Snack
  • Organic Beverages (Milk, Soy, Coconut Milk, and Water), we do not serve juice.
  • We provide mostly fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, hummus, and dried fruit for snacks.

Breakfast and afternoon snack are organic and natural as possible and provided daily to children which is included in the tuition. If the organic version of a certain food item is unavailable, we do our best to find the most natural alternative possible. Our menu was created with the right nutritional balance in accordance with dietary guidelines and recommendations for a young developing child. Our meals reflect an emphasis on vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. We do not serve meat or pork.

Outdoor Dress

We at KGE understand that active play is important for healthy growth and development of young children. Since we know that children stay healthier if they play outside every day, we play outside at least 60-90 minutes each day as a minimum, and if much nicer weather permits, we may even take our classroom outside for outdoor discoveries and investigations. We have a trail called the “EcoAvocado Trail” and we utilize outdoor play and outdoor learning as much as possible. It is especially important to send your child well-bundled for winter months, which include hats, mittens, boots, snow pants, scarves, and jackets. We ask parents to please label all clothing during winter months with your child’s initials or name. During the summer, a bathing suit, towel, water bottle, eco-healthy bug spray, eco-healthy sunscreen, and water shoes with toes enclosed (no fip-fops for safety).

For your child’s safety we monitor the outdoor temperature, wind chill factor, and air quality daily. We will take children outside as long as it’s 19 degrees, and as long as the air quality and wind chill factor is safe. Please have appropriate outdoor clothing available for your child at all times.


Parent Communication

At Kidz Go Eco the close relationships we maintain with parents contributes greatly to the success of our preschool program; we make it a priority to communicate with parents on a regular basis. Communication is done mainly through email. We also post updates in the entrance, we have a bulletin board which includes curriculum themes, school calendar, and other upcoming events.

  1. Monthly Newsletter: Every month KGE sends a newsletter out to our families.
  2. Monthly Calendar: Every month our calendars are posted on our website and bulletin board.
  3. Social Media: Another avenue we use to communicate greatly with our families and the public. You might find video clips of children playing, pictures of children’s adventures, inspirational sayings, blog posts, parenting tips.
  4. School closings are also posted on our Facebook Page and on Channel 13 News.

Our Social Media:

KGE social Media pages and profiles are below. Please make sure to visit, like and follow!

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card (if paying for tuition in full for the year or in an emergency)

Payments Still Received

We unfortunately do not have reductions or deductions in tuition for child absences, family vacations, staff training days, school vacations, emergency closings or holidays.

Pick-Up Policy

KGE is required by law and for the safety of our children, that all students that leave our facility are to be with the parents that have custody rights to their child and individuals that have been listed on your child’s “allowed pick-up list”. Please be aware that KGE will ask for personal identification for anyone picking up a child that is on your allowed pick-up list to confirm that is the correct individual. KGE reserves the right to not allow a child to leave our facility with an individual that is not properly listed as a safe pick-up person for your child. Your child’s safety is extremely important to us, so we ask parents to cooperate with this policy. Parents need to arrive 10 minutes prior to their child’s program ending.


Due to the sharp nature of pins, we kindly ask parents to not have children wear pins on hats, clothes, school bags, etc.


Quiet Time

KGE provides all sheets, all fleece blankets, and all sleeping mats for children. Soft music is played in the background to help the energy of the room to become still, quiet, and relaxing and overall comforting for the children. This gives children the opportunity to slow down and unwind. Naps are not required; any child is free to read books, do puzzles, coloring, or any quiet activity. The state of Maine requires by law to provide children a minimum of one hour for quiet time for any child in a program over four hours. We ask parents to bring in one pillowcase with your child’s name on it if they will be staying at KGE for quiet time. We wash children’s sheets and blankets weekly, and we wash all mats on a weekly basis as well.



Kidz Go Eco has an annual re-registration fee of $150.00. The first week and second week tuition is due in advance for Preschool and Childcare students if registering for the very first time.


All children must be re-registered each year from November 5 – January 31, which gives families time to re-register and reserve their child’s space for the following year. Parents need to update new Registration Form only, and do not need to complete a new enrollment packet. If a child is not re-registering by January 31, the family is forfeiting their child’s space for the following calendar year. Each year we will need updated parent information, updated immunizations, and all current custody documents are needed if applicable.


Shoeless Environment/Slippers

As the children arrive and are signed in, the children are required to frst remove their shoes. Outdoor shoes and all outdoor wear will be stored in their assigned space. We ask parents to provide non-skid slippers for their children since most of our classrooms are carpet free for sustaining better indoor air quality for children.

and Sign-Out Procedures

All teaching staff sign-in and sign-out children at the beginning and end of each day. The staff member that greets the family and child upon arrival will sign-in the child, and the staff member that greets the family picking up the child will sign-out the child each day.


Teeth Brushing

Teeth brushing is a requirement for children that have been served a meal or are in care for at least four hours or more. The children will brush their teeth just after lunchtime. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and container to hold these items will be provided by parents. Please note that the parent has the option to opt their child out of teeth brushing in writing.

Toilet Learning

Given that Kidz Go Eco is a preschool and not equipped with changing tables, we do require children to be toilet-trained prior to enrolling. We are happy and willing to support children in the process with infrequent accidents, so please make sure your child has extra change of clothes just in case! We do recommend that if your child is still new to toilet-training to be dressed in “user-friendly” clothing such as pants/dresses with elastic waists so this avoids added difficulty for children trying to remove clothing with snaps, zippers, overalls and buttons. Soiled clothing will not be washed at KGE, but will be tightly bagged and sent home with the child for laundering.


We offer quality and affordability and understand that for many families preschool education is an expense and a source of anxiety for most. We keep our prices competitive with our specialized programs, and we hope you can feel good to join our program! We accept tuition in the form of cash, credit card, or check. Please ask about flexibility and hours. We like to offer children and families a variety of options to make the right program work for you and your child.

Toy Policy

Although we understand the children want to share their toys and new possessions with their friends, we ask that toys from home not be brought into school. Our classroom materials and supplies are selected for their developmental merit. Also, staff will not accept responsibility for any personal toys that are broken, lost, or damaged in any way. It is our strongest recommendation that items remain at home. Teachers and parents can work together on deciding if the child is having separation or attachment difficulties, and in these circumstances we can have a child use a toy to help with the new transition to school. If the child is not experiencing separation or attachment difficulties, then we do have a “No Toy” policy. We do allow children to bring a special toy for “Show-n Tell”, which are indicated on children’s curriculum calendars. We make this day extra fun and extra special.


Workshop Days

With State and Federal laws requiring employees to be more educated and on-going training hours which have increased, Kidz Go Eco will use these holidays as educational workshops for teachers. These holidays give us the opportunity to review CPR and First Aid, sanitize the building, or review updated information regarding preschool standards.


Year-End Statements

At the end of each fiscal year, KGE will begin their end of year preparation process to prepare for the actual following year, therefore parents will receive “end of year” tuition statements for their child by January 31st of the New Year. For tax deduction purposes, our Quality Rating Number is 1277.