Why should our family choose Kidz Go Eco Preschool?

Kidz Go Eco is working hard in becoming one of the best providers in early childhood education in the Saco Area. Our objective is to foster a secure, supportive environment in which children receive the necessary stimulation and encouragement to develop increasing levels of independence. Our premise, comprised of carefully thought out furnishings, colors and materials, are aimed at stimulating all aspects of the educational development of children. Furthermore, our school strongly embraces the concept of environmental sustainability and uses natural materials which are eco-compatible and recyclable. Our teachers will become part of your child’s daily experience and we help facilitate their social skills and support a flexible, open-minded, pluralistic outlook. From a learning perspective, Kidz Go Eco offers the children a rich environment full of chances to explore and express themselves, be it through design, pictures, or manipulation and movement.

Why does Kidz Go Eco have such an intense focus on cleanliness?

The health and safety of your child depends on it. The shoeless environment cuts down on the amount of germs and harmful chemicals tracked into our small facility. We are working throughout the day to keep the preschool clean and all of our cleaning supplies are green and eco friendly, providing a high level of cleanliness and hygiene without harsh chemicals.

Does the curriculum provide for learning opportunities such as music classes and second language instruction?

Enrichment in language arts is essential for the children of today. We are developing programs in language such as sign language, music, and yoga to integrate into our curriculum.


Will my child ever be able to simply play and get dirty?

Of course! Every child will participate daily in numerous hands-on activities that foster learning opportunities. Whether playing with classmate’s outdoors, painting or creating crafts in the classroom, children are encouraged to touch, explore, and create.


Does Kidz Go Eco Preschool have plans to expand their curriculum to serve students beyond age five?

Kidz Go Eco Preschool Program is a curriculum that is specific to the development of children up to 5 years of age. Our goal is be the very best provider of early education for this targeted age group. There are no plans to expand ages 3-5 years of age at this time.


What will my child need on their very first day of preschool?

Children will need to be registered, all necessary forms will need to be filled out and signed (Registration Documents), and we will need a copy of your child’s immunizations. We ask parents to bring one weekly fresh snack, extra change of clothes, and to have first month’s tuition for when your child begins preschool. Thank you and we welcome you and your child to our little “green” preschool!


Will I receive a copy of my child’s curriculum and supporting materials to support his/her learning at home?

Yes. All children will be engaging in materials and curriculum that will be taken home during the week. We encourage parents to review the curriculum with their children at night to encourage the learning process. In the respect of the environment we have designed a scrapbook called “eco-folios” to store all of your child’s most important lessons learned. Lesson plans are available for parents of children enrolled in our full and part time programs. These eco-folios are prepared for the Explorer Program, ages 4-5 years of age.


Do parents have a voice in determining what their children are learning or in any curriculum decisions?

Yes. We include both the child and their parents in the curriculum. Parents should be able to check our website for monthly calendars so parents can feel involved and be able to question their child about their daily learning experiences.

The pricing seems to be affordable, but is there a sliding scale based on family income or other payment options?

At this time there is no sliding scale. Preschool classes are between $45.00 – $65.00 a week depending on the program your child is enrolled.

Does Kidz Go Eco have an outdoor playground?

Absolutely. Exploring the outdoors and enjoying the elements is a must, but having a structure that keeps children enthusiastic about outdoor play is something we are very proud to offer. Our small facility just purchased an eco-friendly play structure that was constructed from sustainable forests and in addition we have purchased 2000 sq. ft. of fencing to enclose the playground for safety purposes.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Kidz Go Eco does have a policy that children enrolled need to be potty-trained. However we do understand accidents happen, so please make sure your child always has an extra change of clothes.


Who are the staff members and what are their qualifications?

The Founder/Director holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a concentration in Integrative Medicine. All Lead Teachers hold a minimum of an associate’s degree in early childhood education or have had over 10 years of experience in a preschool setting, and all Teacher Assistants have a minimum of 5 years experience working with children. All staff members are required to have continuous training equivalent to 13 credit hours per year.


What screening process are employees subjected to during the hiring process?

All teachers undergo an extensive screening and interview process. We use classroom observation and multiple interviews to find the right educators who share the progressive vision of Kidz Go Eco.

How secure is the facility?

We do have a very strict policy in regards to signing in and signing out each child every day, and we never allow anyone other than parents to pick up their child, unless specific instructions are given when a child enrolls and certain individuals are listed to have the right to pick up a child.

What services or amenities are available to children?

Kidz Go Eco Preschool has created an eco-friendly setting that has Recycling & Composting Classes, Yoga and Wellness, Music classes, French Classes, Computer Lab, Gardening classes, organic-hormone free food for snacks, organic wooden toys, stimulating environment, adoption of an endangered species animal, and a preschool curriculum that is natured based/ecology focused, and we have attentive experienced caregivers and educators with professional backgrounds. Our school believes in nature and science and will be aimed at acquiring scientific knowledge. We also facilitate the spontaneous observation of nature and we reflect the thoughts concerning biological objects that attract children’s attention, such as a new plant beginning to bud.